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Royzon is a trading name for Marvitech Ltd. Here at Royzon, we want our customers to have the best online shopping experience ever. Even if there are numerous online platforms in the market today, we are confident of humble shop’s advantages and capabilities. Royzon is exceptional in many things! Our product selection, for example, is constantly evolving. We have mobile phone cases, tablet cases, Kindle cases, accessories, gadgets, and even some popular card games. If you are a fan of Cards Against Humanity and Joking Hazard, you will have a great time in our online shop.

Cards Against humanity


It doesn't get better than this, My friends and I have a very open sense of humour but found Cards against humanity grew stale. Along comes Bad Friends and we've played it religiously every get together. Just a handful fo easy to grasp rules and a great point system means the game feel constantly fresh and you can play at your own pace. It's better to laugh at each other, than to laugh at the same "offensive" and outdated joke. Bad People is where it's at.

Samuel M.

A perfect game for people who aren't afraid to be honest with each other. Sick twisted, i could go on but don't want to spoil it for you. If you liked the other card based games similar to this then you will definitely find this a good alternative! Not the most family friendly and some of the expansion packs are brutal and should definitely be purchased and kept separately when you aren't playing with grandparents or people you know will get offended.


There appear to be a couple of variations to this pack of Uno. Look carefully at the picture on the front of the box. I have both the cheaper, non genuine pack and the genuine feeling and looking pack. I found that this set appears to be the better of the two. It has a much bigger and black shadow under the the word UNO and has the wild card pictured on the front of the box. I've included a picture of the two packs for reference.

Mr Foxi
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